Friday, 28 February 2014

Thor Sculpt 90%

Here's the sort of finished sculpt. I need to go in and take out a lot of the symmetry. I'm fine with the hem being unaltered as when he runs that will bend and in that case the folds I paint for this stationary pose wouldnt work. 
Overall I'm very happy with the quality of this sculpt. Those eyes are pretty jarring though and I feel the head could use some more work to get it closer to the concept.

Also, I've had a professional critique and it was advised (though this seems to be personal preference) that I should complete one character and have it called done instead of building all three at the same time.
I had considered both ways at the start and its hard to discount the other really. That said, because I'm this far into my project with little to show for it in terms of 3D, I think it would be beneficial to just have somthing to show off sooner rather than later. Else I might just be crossing my fingers it all works out in a months time. this would act as a sort of 'pilot' character that would hopefully show off that I can do this.

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