Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Odin's Physique

After a bit of confusion on my part with regards to mood-boards and their whole point, I'm a little better on track now.

I'm now also determined to be more decisive when it comes to design choices. I spend too much time exploring different ideas instead of developing one that is close to where I want. Even if it may not be quite so accurate with my overall style I don't think I have enough time to dawdle because who knows how long it will take. I cant wait around for lightning to strike.

Now then.

Odin - All(thecakes)Father.

I'm going with this design right here. I'll do a concept more like the Thor one soon however right now I wanted to get the physique right. He's less a body-builder and more a strongman. Meaning he isn't trying to win any competitions but be really strong. Functional strength. On top of that, since becoming the King and having to do less fighting and more politics he has become a little flabby and somewhat depressed or mentally exhausted by seeing the world for what it is. He's had enough really.
Essentially, I want him to look like he has let himself go a bit, yet could still rip a man in half with his bare-hands.

Earlier I mentioned my lack of moodboard awareness. After a little critique on workflow I was advised to stick to my moodboard and references; which means picking references that help to hone in on my target rather than give me a wider horizon. This could mean I may miss something but at it also means I'll have it done sooner which allows for more time for production. As I said earlier, no point waiting for lightning to strike I just have to trust I can make a cool design with limited pieces.

Here it is:
I stated at the beginning of this post that I would strive to be more decisive when it came to design options and this is the result of that. Questions I was asking: Hair or helmet? Lean or flabby?
Going with hair and flabby. these two strongmen here lifted for functional strength, Hulk Hogan (left) maybe less so as he was a wrestler and thus wanted to showoff yet the man in the middle there is a contestant in the Worlds Strongest Man competitions and looks counts for nothing, only the strongest. 
Want him to have a girdle as well to make it look like he's keeping his weight in a bit (getting old) while it also supports his back and pushes up his torso making him look huge. So the belly wont be showing, but his overall muscle tone will be soft and inflated.

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