Monday, 10 February 2014

Looking at King Characters from Animated Features.

 So after deciding I liked  Odin in terms of scale and proportions I was about to get on with my orthographics when this irritating inkling popped into my head which wouldn't kindly go away.

 Not a great revelation or anything but I was curious as to the proportions of what I would consider the extreme of stylized characters namely Disney and the like.

 These king characters are massive in proportion being eight heads tall and a whopping four heads wide which is almost double what is considered exaggerated, or the ideal. (Loomis) Zues is another story being at nine/nine-and-a-half heads tall with actually quite weird proportions with his chest being overly huge, taking up half of his torso rather than the usual 1/3; it's undeniable he looks powerful and memorably huge.

 My Odin is currently three heads wide but next to these guys he looks small despite being eight heads tall like these. I'll look into four heads to see what happens even though I'm 100% on three; his cape will bulk him out further just like Stoic and Fergus' there.

 My point in doing this was simply to see if there was a consistency with animated king figures which there is undoubtedly. Its nice to be sure.

From left to right: 
Stoic, Dreamwork's How to Tame a Dragon.
King Fergus, Disney Pixar's Brave
Zues, Disney's Hercules

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