Monday, 3 February 2014

Odin Day 1

Other than the presentation and critique, today has been spent researching and designing Odin. Still a ways off but I have a head I feel is in the right direction. Just a case of refinement. As I need to study up on some canine anatomy before going through with Fenrir I want to get Odin's design completed by tomorrow evening. I always knew design-wise this guy was going to be the easiest of the three because I draw vikings all the time. That said, trying to keep it looking not only in the same style as Thor, but also physically related to him isn't so easy. 
In regards to looking related to the boy I dont want him to be a spitting image, as though Thor is a younger version of Odin, instead I'm aiming for just an accent.

Here is a moodboard:

A little breakdown for you: I want him to have an ornate helmet, he has to look exceptional, relatively speaking, and an experienced warrior. Vikings didn't really seem to have plate armour, more chain-mail and leathers; which I like. My overall design style is simple with very little extravagance as I'm tired of seeing every hero character decked out in the most epic armour out there. Yet at the same time this guy is a sort of King archetype and so should look the business - which is where the helmet comes in. 
A key consideration here is that I don't want his face to be covered, he must have a beard (just 'cus) and a horned helmet. Just don't question me on this, okay, I really want to make a fantasy Viking.

Now for the progress on the heads. Keeping a likeness to Thor was the hard part, going to mess around with beard and hair designs tomorrow morning and then onto his attire.
Head designs
Middle one is without a beard for construction purposes. I really liked the third head, the proportions are more akin to Thor's from the way I constructed him (trust me). So probably going to take that further, though I'm sure the middle one will look better with a full beard, he definitely looks the age I want.

Helm ideas

Body type
This was curious. I imagined he would be a lean mass of muscle however the idea that he has let himself go a bit after retiring struck me as a little more interesting to look at as oppose to your run of the mill muscular dude. Completely unexaggerated of course however it's something I'll mess with tomorrow as here I just pushed the abdominals around.

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