Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fenrir the Wolf

Yesterday was thoroughly infused with canine studies. As is today. Here are some of those studies.

I grossly underestimated how much I would need to study canines to get this right however I'm confident I dont need to get wolves perfect for the purposes of this project as Fenrir is going to look a little different; so long as I get the proportions right then the face can look a little strange and that'll be fine. Drawing from different angles is a pain but worth the effort as this is my first hardcore animal study so hopefully after this I'll be ale to draw an animal alongside whatever characters I draw, and what better companion for a Viking?

Also, studying something new is made a hell of a lot easier if someone has taken the time to break down all the things you need to know, from an artists stand-point. So I feel it would be wrong to not credit the artist Autlaw. Much appreciated.

Also the existance of this Pinterest board, where I found Autlaws breakdowns, I am very grateful for.

Cheers to making other people's lives easier!

A little talk on Fenrir and where I want him to go:
 For the part of the story I am basing these designs on, (my bastardization, not official Norse prose) Fenrir is around the same age as Thor, as they've grown up together (cousins). Fenrir can talk like a human and is fully sentient. He's also a good guy, completely innocent but a badass in the fight who infact does most of the work, cus he's a big ass wolf. 
Now, the general shtick of Fenrir in mythology is he grows and grows til one day he's large enough to blot out the sun. So going on that Fenrir is not just a massive wolf for his age, but for a wolf in general. 
To recap, he's young, very large, can speak and is damn tough.
In mythology he is the son of a god and an ice-giant, as is the giant sea-serpent, Jormungandr and the goddess of the underworld, Hel. These three are fairly horrific creations and likely not too pleasing to the eye. HOWEVER! In my story Odin and Thor are not gods, just humans. So Fenrir would be the son of a man (Loki) and just a normal giant (Angrboda) which would explain his rather large growth. How a man and a giant make a wolf I'll have to think about after the project. Magic, probably.

Just messin'

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