Monday, 3 February 2014


February, 03 critique.

After a brief presentation of my work to my peers and some solid feedback I've been enlightened to the fact my concept simply doesn't match the sculpt at all. I got a little carried away with just sculpting a head bust that matched what I was thinking in my mind yet failed to reference my concept.

I'd been dreading this presentation because I thought my character would be too simple however Thor was generally well received which I'm very happy about, as it has gotten rid of any doubts regarding where to go.

Here's a rough look at the major differences, although the overall shape is wrong in the sculpt, to be more specific the chin is too small, there's no point and the eyes are too close together as well as some issues with the helmet. In the sculpt it looks like an 8 year old boy, yet the concept looks like a teenager with some attitude which is what I want Thor be.

Instead of carrying on with the sculpting this week I'm going to finish the designs for Odin and Fenrir. I was also advised to do five characters with this style which is something to consider yet I still really want to do a small playground.

Also, Thunder Throne was likened to a toilet so I'll have to amend that.

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