Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Took a lot longer than planned, but was also a lot more complicated than I thought. I still need to go over it later to tweak compositional placements looking at angle gamuts and tonal variations but right now I just wanted get an overall design done so I could move onto Fenrir. Hopefully I'll have Fenrir done by mid-Friday so I can do an attitude concept like the Thor one.

Right then! I'll explain this a little. I stated in my previous post Odin was going to be a big, strong dude that had let himself go a bit, hence the massive wrestler style belt to help keep it all in while also adding to his strong look. I also said I wasn't going to go with a helmet HOWEVER... god, I'm so indecisive... I remembered a previous design choice which was to use moose antlers to imitate the usual winged helmet Odin is given as they're meant to reference popular lore, not completely redo it.

On top of that, the antlers give him a sort of kingly importance, as does the cape with the clasps. I didn't like the pure trousers into boots for the lower half so I broke it up and gave him a lovely Viking skirt. Manly. The first two were shirtless as to expose his powerful chest which didn't make a lot of sense considering 1) It's meant to be a cold area and although they are relatively more resistant to it, going out bare-chested wouldnt do you any good and contradict the other warmer clothing, and 2) he's a king, not a barbarian.

Some things I'll work on come Friday are scars, spears and his missing eye. Oh and he has two clasps for his cape that will have two ravens engraved upon them to reference the two ravens that, in the stories, sat upon his shoulders; Huginn and Muninn. I might include his two wolves Geri and Freki or just leave them as actual wolves for the story.

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