Friday, 7 February 2014

Fenrir continued

Looked a little bare so added extras to give a more distinguished look. Fenrir has unnatural growth problems so I'm crossing that over into his age as well; as though he is ageing faster which is emphasised by the beard. Now, wolves are hairy anyway so I had to give him a beard that looks a little larger than what a wolf would have whereas on a human it would look fully-grown. The first concept has a little extra fur underneath to look like a sort of wolf-stubble however that didn't look as interesting.

I'm 100% on the beard, the next question I need to answer is what shall I do with the rest of his fur? Because having a large space of just fur would look boring, I need something to break it up and also guide the viewer to his head and chest. So far his legs, tail and body generally point towards his head with the chest being a lot larger than the hind, making it more noticeable and likely the first place someone will look. The actual hairstyling on his back (2 and 4) makes him seem less wild and more humanized, which I'm really liking; gives a feeling that he's looked after, where someone has taken the time to braid his hair.

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