Monday, 10 February 2014

Odin Size Alteration

Something was missing from Odin in regards to making him look physically strong when people looked at the concept. After dabbling with moving around his shoulder width, height, head size and belly etc I realized the problem wasn't that he looked small, it was that there was nothing for him to contrast against on the picture to give an idea of his size.

So I present to you this picture which includes young Thor and the revised Odin on the left, and the original on the right.
Size Difference

Massive! It's somewhat unbelievable in terms of how much a person grows considering Thor is only twelve years old, all the same, that is quite the point. Odin is this king figure, he's meant to stand-out, he became king because he was a hero of countless legendary deeds; this warrior of such strength he could pierce the scales of a dragon or rip a man in twain. The one on the right is what a typical adult in this world would look like, hardly impressive.
Of course I could just add some godly effects like glowing or fancy armour but that's too cliché and completely the wrong direction of 'simple'. The clothes alone do not define the character.

As to what I've done I just shrunk his head to make him appear larger, then actually blew him up to hammer it home.

A further question that might arise from this is: If Odin is so large, surely Thor would also be large for his size considering he is Odin's son.

A good case, nevertheless, I'm using this size difference as a design trick to make Odin more exceptional while also showing how much Thor has to grow, which is a main point of the story. Also it echoes what Thor might look like later, fitting into his father's shoes.

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