Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fenrir Unwrapped

First of all I'd just like to express my love for 3D Coat. I've only had a little experience with the program which I thought at first was just a tool for painting onto your model.


You can also unwrap in it! Pretty damn well too.

Interestingly as well I realized you don't get seams as you paint onto the model, which you'd expect, so this means, I guess, that you could just flatten map your model and paint straight onto it. Of course that would be silly and the pixel density would be all over the place but the point stands that seams are a problem of the past.

Doesnt mean unwrapping took any less time for this as I had to keep juggling it between 3DCoat and Max to make use of symmetry as 3DCoats unwrap also automatically packs them as well, which is just lovely really. Also you can change the size of certain islands, say if you want the face to have more space, then click pack and it packs them according to your knew preferences! I know Max has its own packing tools but I never seemed to get them to work well for me. 3DCoat really takes the pain out of unwrapping. So much so it should be illegal.

This program was well worth the £60 and all I wanted it for was the painting. Yay for hidden gems!

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