Monday, 14 April 2014

Update on Fur and why I've not posted recently.


So I've been having a real problem getting fur to look nice which at first I figured would be pretty straight forward (and it is really) with the use of an alpha however the aliasing was too noticable. After many attempts and frustrations I realised the alpha was going to look dodgy no matter what. I don't have any progress shots, which is a mistake on my part I thought it pointless updating with that though in hindsight it would've been smart to show.

Originally the alphas were very noticable and I was quite sure how to fix this but after seeing some of the new stuff done by Blizzard for Warcraft I think I got the idea! There is hope.

Looks a little chicken-feathery around the belt though I recon thats the scale of the clumps and possibly the colour as well. At least I know how to do chicken feathers I guess. More to add under the belt as well as on the bracers. 

Here's what I was talking about on the new stuff to Warcraft.


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