Sunday, 27 April 2014

Odin is Odone.

Really happy with how this turned out as this was what I was aiming for with the overall style. Real simplified look (no crazy armour or intricate details) with a strong, bold colours.

Ended up filling in the belt as I figured since I had the texture space it'd be a shame to leave it blank and pretty glad I did. Got the deathknot in there again (also on bracers) and had a go at making a scabbard which started off looking like a UV map error. Adding the specular really helped as well. I've used photo-textures for the specular which I'm not sure is some cardinal sin against hand-painting but I really liked the outcome of it. 

Yeah so pretty stoked about this just need to decide to spend this final week either polishing up the two models I have or trying to bum-rush Fenrirs model out. Either choice is bad and I'm not sure which is the lesser of two evils. After today I'm half-inclined to go with polishing the two I have as I'd at least like what little I have to look as good as I could make it. 

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