Monday, 28 April 2014


The wolf is here at last! After some super deep soul searching, considering whether to just polish Thor and Odin or go ahead and make Fenrir I decided it wouldn't hurt to gamble the first day; if I can get the sculpt done in one day, then I'll continue, if not then I'll cut my losses and work on presenting the other two. 
Been a tough day, fighting a lot of doubt but I'm glad I stuck with it because I'm very happy with the sculpt.

Here's a turnaround of my complete sculpt. The fur on the back was just a test and I'll most likely just model the fur clumps in max which will be easier. Also going to add some fur sticky-outy bits to the elbows and knee as well as work on those bits on the tail. Really Z-brush was used to detail the head and, predominantly, to work out the overall form and proportions; having never created an animal while also lacking comfortable knowledge of canine anatomy I figured sculpting would be the best way to pull out forms and shift things around until they were right.

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