Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Finally an update.

 Not updated this in a while and Odin should have been done by now however the labs have been closed for a couple weeks now which was incredibly inconvenient as I struggle to work at home, so progress has been very slow.
Nevertheless it should all be steaming along as normal now and I'll endeavour to post regular updates.

Last time I posted I believe it was about the fur. Well that's all done now and I've moved on to overall texturing such as adding hue variation to break up blank areas, folds and skin tones (washed out by the light, my bad)
Just finished the back of the boots which I was all happy with until I realised the cape covered them up. Silly of me but ah well. Texturing should be done tomorrow with only the hair, sword, crown and rest of boots to do as well as any final details like the possible addition of some pattern on the belt, however I think there is enough noise around there anyway; I quite like the blank metal sheet.
Once all that's done and dusted I'll rig and pose. Yay.

Here's a closeup of the brooch/clasp design. Odin is known for having two ravens called Huginn and Muninn that go out every day to gather information for him. Again, this guy isn't a god in my story so doesn't have speaking ravens but its a nice reference I think. 

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