Friday, 4 April 2014


After a major critique I've got a better idea on where to take Odin as he was looking a little bland before.

Here's a list of things I'm changing:

-The antlers have been rotated outward to show more of an angle.
-Cape on shoulder has been beefed up to bulk out his sillhouette.
-Added fur trims to bracers, boots and belt to create a repeating element. The original design had this but I -decided to take it out for some silly reason. Also the trim on the boots helps break up the odd transition from boots to trousers that I had previously. 
-Added quick squiggle designs to boot toe-caps and belt just to see how the clumps of detail would contrast.
-Created hue variation on torso, trousers and skin (will be for all ultimately)
-Whacked a gold trim on tunic to make him look tidier and hopefully somewhat more regal.
-Diagonal straps (with sword) to break up constant verticals, horizontals and general symmetry.

The sword is really there to help balance out the design so I'll likely model it inside it's sheathe (so it wont be coming out) as to be a piece of gear rather than a dynamic object or whatever you'd call it. If I were to give Odin a weapon to hold it'd only be right to make Gungnir.

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