Friday, 2 May 2014


Happy accidents are great. The head on the left shows how I was originally going to paint the fur which, honestly, I didn't think looked all that bad - in fact I was quite pleased. Then I started blocking in some colours for the rest of it with a typical round brush when, with a little refinement, looked great! So on the left is how I'm going to do the fur. Unbelievably happy with this as avoiding too much noise was one of my main priorities and this has helped that fantastically. 

Should also mention the colour palette. It changed a little while working but generally it's a hue shift from purple through to a blue/blue-teal for the fur, going darker on the extremities inward to relatively lighter hues. Having green for the iris and will later add some orange-red for some cloth strips, dulling it down for the teeth and his bracer. The ears are a mixture of these. 

Also, check out that new and improved logo. Awww yiss.

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