Tuesday, 14 January 2014


First off let us appreciate my ludicrous excel skills.


Down to business. This is generally an arse-over-elbows timeplan as I have but the vaguest idea of how long all this will take. Nevertheless! I aim to have it all done by the first week of April which would give me that entire month and the start of May to work on extended scope.

Not decided quite yet on where to push it but I'm dabbling with the idea of a small area to run around in as one of the characters (others being stationary). Reasons being is that 1) How cool is that? and 2) I would learn the basics of making an actual playable game rather than just making doodads.

This just means getting the three characters designed and modelled in just over two months as well as the week or two sabbatical I'm currently on studying core skills such as anatomy, composition and colour. Which is a tall order however I'm confident in succeeding as I know I'll be spending many, many hours over these next few months. I've marked the final month as 'buffer' because mainly I want to make sure my characters are finished properly, that is the priority, I don't want to get distracted by extending my scope until everything else is done. That said, not doing something extra like making a mini level or working on animations, adding VFX etc would just be disappointing, not to mention a wasted opportunity.

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