Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thor's Silhouette

Main considerations:
  • Looks like a kid
  • Has horns/noticeably adorned head (helmet)
  • Exaggerated feet and hands.

While doing these I was considering the fact he is a prince of sorts, a chieftain's son; also considering the environment which I would like to be snowy in which case our boy here would probably be grateful for some winter clothing. 
Some of these don't consider that mind because I believe when we see someone in the snow without winterclothing, say chest exposed, it makes them look tougher. Depends how its communicated of course maybe it is more to do with their body language than anything. If someone isn't shivering, are they cold?

An example of what I mean:

Diablo III Barbarians
By Phroilan:

Do you see what I mean? Neither characters really looks that cold, or if they are they're not showing any sign of weakness. As I consider this it seems more about the body language the artist chose to display more than the environment, however I look at this and don't even recognize that they might be cold, it is as though they are used to it. Maybe, in a backward way, adding furs and many layers makes the character look as though they are cold? Because our brains deduce the reasoning for the furs in the first place. I dunno, just a thought.

I digress.
I've yet to put out my silhouettes to a wide range of people but here is a development on one with a bunch of varied horns.

Silhouette changed too much trying to make him more wintery.


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