Friday, 31 January 2014

Hair is a pain

Alright so hair is taking ages for me to get right. I have been messing around with different techniques for the passed few days with different results however trying to bend the sculpt in the way I wanted was getting quite difficult. Problem was, really, that I didn't do a paint-over of the model to help solidify where I want it to go, and now after doing this one (below) I have a good idea on how to sculpt it. 
Also I raised the pupils in a paint-over which made it instantly better (on the model they're dead center). On top of that I've noticed the bags under his eyes are probably a little too big for someone so young so I'll look into that. 
Annnd apparently he looks more like a girl than a boy, which I had my suspicions with so that's another thing I'm going to look into however right now I just want to get this hair looking right. At least the basic shapes and then go from there.

Thor Sculpt, Hair Paint-over. (Ignore the neck)

I'm glad I did this little paintover as it certainly helped solidify where I want to take this model. I'm going to do another one to target the eye lids and lack of boyishness over the weekend.-

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