Wednesday, 15 January 2014


 Carrying on from my studies of proportion and surface landmarks I've moved onto the muscles over the past couple days starting with the abdomen. Pectorals (major and minor), Rectus Abdominus and the Obliques (external, internal and transverse).

This is just another basic update to let you know I am actually doing something and not just sat on my gluts ( anatomical joke in an anatomy post +5 points); on top of which I have done a lot more pages and drawings than the few I have shown as I do not feel the need to shower you with the confetti of my labours so much as reveal the ankle from under the frock of which my sexy know-how layeth.

Dat sass

I didn't update this yesterday (Tuesday) as I was just doing the same thing as on Monday as well as going on a massive tangent (below). The same today really however I felt an update was necessary just to keep whatever sorry soul who reads this updated. Here's to you!... which, lets face it, is probably me re-reading my own blog. 

Pretty much covered up all the stuff I learnt and then applied to these forms, but just take a moment to appreciate those unmentionables. 

Next time on The Adventures of Scott and the Kings of Vi! Ecorche paintovers.

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