Monday, 27 January 2014


Been drawing Thor some more to help engrave the character into my head so that I can hopefully draw him whenever I want without having to look back at my other drawings.

Also decided this is the overall look for him. Pretty simple, but he's not meant to look incredible, just clean and fresh-faced. The hammer design is just me messing around as the final design for Mjolnir won't be as grave. The ram heads aren't so arbitrary either as according to Norse legend, Thor had two rams that pulled his chariot across the sky; Tanngrisni and Tanngnost, or Gap-tooth and Tooth-grinder respectively.
Not very nice to slap their skulls on his weapon but if I were to go ahead with something like this I would have these made from stone or metal. Like, chiselled n stuff.

Other than more doodling I'm still looking up Zbrush stuff and practicing that. Nothing to show from it as it is all practice stuff so quite ham-handed. I'll have something nice by the end of the week.

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