Monday, 20 January 2014


I've been dabbling with new techniques over the weekend, I don't think I get watercolours but it instantly makes drawings more enticing though maybe I could've gone for a warmer colour.

I really like the idea of horns and animal trophies adorning my warrior character. It makes him seem accomplished and notable. I was indulging myself Stoic Studios recent and fantastic release, The Banners Saga. Which I found very inspiring, if you haven't played it I highly recommend you do.

Also I like the idea of an actual horn, the kind you blow in (behave), as that is a sign of command and importance. Everything else is just random dribblings but I know I definately want an ornate helmet and a big bushy beard!

 Thor, however, is proving quite difficult. I need to keep the style consistent amongst all three characters and seeing as the story focuses around him, he should be the one to dictate style. How do I create a visual style that encapsulates this naive yet audacious character who is both innocent and bloodied? the next few days will be an interesting adventure into this but once his design is done, the other two should be relatively simple afterall, the story is about Thor, and the others are simply support.

Pseudo-realism or cartoon?

Dabbled with making Thor a girl

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