Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thor Production

 Finally started some 3D, a little rusty after doing 2D for past couple weeks but it's going good, learnt some new tricks for Zbrush which was what I wanted to take a few days out to do but I figure I can do it while working on Thor.
I expect this character to take by far the longest as I predict making many mistakes along the way. The high poly needs to look crisp for the AO and normal. The texturing phase of my characters shouldnt take a long long time as the AO should do a lot of the work so taking longer on the modelling to get it right sounds like a good strategy for me.
What you see here is the last of a few trial and error scenarios for me with how-to Zbrush. generally the same technique just more refined and a better contingency for later levels. The inital tool had problems with DynaMesh whereas now it should be fine. I'm sure another problem will resurface soon but looking along the right lines so far. Hands and head will be modeled seperately.

Here's the Orthos. A little off but it was meant mostly for a base mesh as well as good practice for generating orthographics.

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