Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fenrir Texturing Update

This is so time-consuming. I've been doing this for about 30 hours now and I still have what seems like another 5 or so left. Fortunately I feel like I'm on the downward part of the hill now closing in on the finish line but damn, this fur. Honestly thought it would take me too long. 

All that said; really happy with the outcome so far. The hind legs are done so that's what the front should look like, there's not a lot of detail or fur on the lower portion which is to not create too much contrast and then drag the eye away. Did toy with the idea of making them a flat colour with an emissive on as to focus purely on the silhouette making the feet look like some sort of void which would add to Fenrir's somewhat unnatural, seemingly otherworldness. Though I think the blue fur will have to suffice.
Other than that I have the teeth, hairbands and bracer to do and then the mammoth task of making the clumps of fur on his shoulders look decent. I'm reaaaaally not looking forward to that. 

Final 30 odd hours! Gotta get this all done, then rig him and Odin and finally make some pedestals. Somewhere in all that I need to find time to to renders, turntables and turn it all into a presentation.


How many energy drinks was it before it killed you? 

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