Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Where to go from here.

Deadline has passed and everything is handed in. So any additions here on in will not be marked however in a months time there is a degree show; it would therefore be prudent of me to spruce up my characters a little for that.

Even though my characters could do with a lot more added to them, in terms of texturing and geometry, I feel that calling them done would be the better platform to which I can jump forward instead of dwelling behind.

What I mean by this is I'll be focusing on exterior flare such as better pedestals, idle animations and hopefully a little environment that will help to present my characters in a more interesting light as oppose to them rotating on a pedestal; which is boring. Fine. Just boring.

I've had my post-hand-in break and am now ready to get some more work done. As much as I would like to see the back of this project an extra few weeks will be well worth it. So, what do add exactly?

Weapon! Gungnir, the mighty spear of Odin that never misses!
Idle Animation (standing)
Extended scope:
Idle Animation#2
Idle Animation#3

To expand on the idle animations: I want them all to be standing there in a pose, the animation for this will be generic breathing and the slight movement this brings. Typical idle animation really. The other two which I'll add when everything else is done are just to break up his idle animation cycle; so every now and then he'll look around, or feel the weight of his weapon.

Idle Animation #1
Extended scope:
Idle Animation #2
Idle Animation #3

Idle Animation #1
Extended scope:
Idle Animation #2

This is what I had originally planned (poorly) to do alongside the three characters. After being really disappointed having to cut it from the project I'm really looking forward to doing some environment art again.

It's only going to be a little set-piece where the player can just move around to get a look at the characters. At the degree show I'll have two screen sat next to each other so one will have this playable piece on and the other will have concepts, including the turntables.

The set itself will be a sort of middle-ages hut mead/hall. Stonewalls, thick wooden beams, cobblestone floor complete with a firepit, tables, food and Odin's very own throne. So lots of wood, stone and furs. It's only going to be a small hall, so nothing crazy. I'll have some concepts up within a week hopefully depending how long it takes to work on some of these animations. Something along the lines of this:

Joravaskr Skyrim

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