Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Odin Head Sculpt

Something I leant while sculpting Thor's head was to stop considering and start doing. I spent far too long noodling with the head that it ended up eating days away that should have been spent in other areas. Albeit Thor's design was the one I had the most confusion over, it's important to just say 'I'm done' and move on because you simply don't have the time.

I've only recently adopted this mentality and I have to say production has steamed ahead. Striving for perfection when you're not a master is a silly thing. That's not to say you should do a half-arsed job. Just need to achieve a relatively high standard is all. 

And with that I'm happy to say I'm done with Odin's sculpt within a single day. I'm sure that's an arrogant statement and there'll be plenty to pick out of this but I really just need to get on. If I managed my time better early on then I'd spend some more on this although really, I am very happy with the outcome. 

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