Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Finally starting Odin!

 Thor is now on the shelf, finally. In hindsight it would probably have been better to practice and learn all that I have on Odin rather than risk the main character looking rough. I decided to make a note of how long it took me to do Thor from start to finish and broke it down into different phases. I'll not tell you suffice it to say it was a bit too long although to be fair I was learning. At any rate I figured I'd have Odin fully sculpted in two days... and so that probably means three-four. Still, far far shorter than it took to do Thor. Now I have better technique and know what I'm doing.

Onto Odin. I spent this morning doing the sculpt below. Odin is going to be relatively more detailed on the face than Thor due to all the wrinkles and facial hair.
No wrinkles as of yet I just thought I'd post this clean version up before taking off symmetry and taking out the one eye.
As to the one-eye business, my original concept is for him to merely have one eye closed, no need for any nastiness involving stitches and scars; BUT THEN I thought why not have BOTH eyes open? Just make the other a blind eye. 
Yeah nothing incredible I know I just dont want an eyepatch and the idea of a scar seems a bit too cliche. Though really he is a warrior so I'm sure he'd have a few nicks.

Anyway I put together a reel down here and I'll decide in a bit. Kinda like the scarred blinde-eye myself but a closed eye create asymmetry.

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