Thursday, 13 March 2014

Hammer of the Gods!

Finally got around to redesigning Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Point is, I think ram skulls are cool.

Pretty happy with this, the tribal feel especially. I feel thunder and lightning is highly associated with nature and so I didn't want to make this hammer look like it was forged; more put together. I hope the messy fur helps add to that. 

Some points about the design:

Thick handle - Thor is only a boy and although this hammer would be wielded with a single hand in adulthood he is going to have to wield this with two for now, so I wanted it to look large and heavy. 
The head is made of stone - no iron or steel just some magical stone, that looks like normal stone. Adds to that natural motif; as does the ram skulls and leather straps. Also strongly considering the actual handle to be made of wood (can see bottom of it, would look like a stake I guess you could say).
Deathknot at the top - Symbol of Odin, Thor's father. Shows this hammer was gifted to him by his father. (In this story).

Also, I think I've found my new logo.

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